ORBGASM: An Erotic Pulp Sci-Fi Satyricon. By, Sam Irvin.


Congradulations Sam Irvin


An orb from outer space lands in the yard of Evelyn (a James Bond movie bombshell). The effects of the sphere are both miraculous and hedonistic. With this forbidden fruit in her possession, she teams up with her hunky gay best friend Christopher (mash-up author of FRANKENSTEIN AND THE THREE MUSKETEERS) and they hit the road Thelma-and-Louise-style to keep the Deep State from confiscating it. What lies ahead is a powder keg of decadence and danger—with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.


Nikki Leigh, Dominic Albano, and Christian Camacho Stars on the cover of Orbgasm!


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299 pages



Personalized and Autographed copy by Jono.

"Orbgasm" by Sam Irvin. Jono Autographed Copy

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